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Thread: how do i backwash

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    Default how do i backwash

    I lost the insructions for my filter system, and was wondering how to backwash the system for my intex above ground metal frame pool. measurments 18'w x 4'd.

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    Default Re: how do i backwash

    Hi, most of those pools come equipted with a cartridge filter. You just remove the cartridge and hose it down. Sand filters can be backwashed a few different ways, usually from a multi port valve on top of the filter. Reply with a photo or exact model of your system for better instructions.

    Thanks, Dennis
    AG pool installer

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    Default Re: how do i backwash

    Since you don't have the instructions, you probably do NOT know that before you clean your filter (as Dennis described) you need to block off the two lines to the filter or you will have a MESS! Intex should have given you something--older ones had a plug that looks sort of like half a black golfball with a flange around the middle. You'd jam them in each hole in the pool (properly called the "Drain" and the "Return") before you open the filter.

    If you don't have them or something similar, you'll need to go to a pool store and get an expanding plug. It looks like a high school chem class rubber cork, with a screw and a wingnut to expand it. You'll use those to seal off the lines to the pump first. They come in different sizes but you'll probably need the one that fits the 1.25" hose.

    I don't really know how Intex does the metal pools--my Intex was a donut from 7 years ago.

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    Default Re: how do i backwash

    I have the same Intex pool and there is no backwashing required. Just clean the filter as Dennis mentioned and also clean the debris screen. You can go to the Intex website and download or just view the instructions for the pool and the filter. Your pool should have a valve on the supply and return lines that you close to prevent water from flowing when you are cleaning the filter and debris screen. Make sure you open the lower valve first (the supply line) and then the other valve to minimize the amount of air trapped in the hoses. Then open the screw on top of the filter cover to bleed the remaining air from the pump/filter prior to turning the pump on.
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