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Thread: How many gallons is my pool?

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    Default How many gallons is my pool?

    I have tried several online calculators to figure out how many gallons are in my pool and they all come up different. The previous owners pool company had 16,500 on the test reports but I think that is low. It is an inground vinyl kidney shaped, 34 ft long, 22 ft wide at the deep end and 15 ft wide at the shallow end. It has a hopper bottom on the 8ft deep end and flat bottom on the 3ft shallow end. Can one of you experts give me an educated guess?

    These forums are a huge help for us relative newbies!
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    Default Re: How many gallons is my pool?

    You can try this link:


    but I think that you'll get something that's a bit high (I got 23,000 based on the numbers you posted).

    If you separate the top and bottom of the kidney and use oval as your basis, I get something closer to 19,500 gallons.

    Rest assured, somebody with more knowledge than I will be along to refine this number for you.
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