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Thread: Hayward pump with an Intex Metal Frame Pool?

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    Default Hayward pump with an Intex Metal Frame Pool?

    Can I use a Hayward above ground pool pump (or any pump for that matter) with my 18' metal frame pool (6,780 gallons)? The Hayward website says not to use their pumps on these "storable pools", yet I can't figure out why.

    I mounted my solar panels (2 2x20) on a fence this year, and the pump that it came with won't push the water through (don't know HP, but it says it pumps 2,000 gallons an hour....help Carl???)

    So I'd like to get a better pump, but not sure what to use. Do standard above ground pool pumps plug into a normal 110 GFI outlet? What about grounding to the pool frame or copper wire like the manual suggests? I'd like to keep it simple as possilbe (meaning myself...not an electrician), for we're moving in a few years and will get a real pool then.

    Thanks and help!!!

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    Default Re: Hayward pump with an Intex Metal Frame Pool?

    If it does infact pump 2K gals an hour that should be fine.. you realy should only need a turn over rate of 6 hours.Its a safe bet to say, unless the pump is broken ( how old is the pump? it may just need a new impeller) that it is infact pushing 2000 Gals an Hr and your turn over rate would be 3.39 that is very good.
    That means every 3.39 hours all the water in your pool has passed through the filter.(your turn over rate)
    Is your concern that the water pressure coming out the returns is not strong enough?
    You may not need to buy a new pump... or a more exspensive pump...
    Jeff B
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