I have a Jacuzzi Laser sand filter, Model 190L, it is about 25 years old. I have developed a pin hole leak in the body itself, and attempting to seal it with flex seal, until I can get a new one. The local pool store stated they get around $540 for a new Hayward S210, which they say is what i need for my above ground 33 x 15 pool. I just bought a new pump last year, so only would need the filter. I was trying to find just the Jacuzzi filter body (Part # 9408-3664, but no luck.
Few questions
Any other solution on patching up the old body? Any other product to seal.?
Anybody know if or where I could buy just the Jacuzzi body?
I have a base that now holds my 19inch Jacuzzi filter and pump, will the Hayward S210 (20 1/2 inches) fit on my old base? or do i have to get another?
With the dimensions I gave, is the Hayward S210 the best option?
Should I try online for filter, have found some for $100 less.? but do not know the companies?
Thank you