The cost of chlorine has doubled. Home Depot 2 gallon boxes are around $12. Walmart 1 gallon bleach is around $6.

i made the mistake before of using stabilized chlorine and needed to drain my pool. It's huge. I don't want to do that again.

My chlorine/PH are good. My alkalinity/hardness are high and my cyanuric acid is low.

I started using granular calcium hypochlorite to sanitize and added a couple of floaties with trichlor to raise the cyanuric acid. I'll stop the floaties when the cyanuric acid is good.

Water is clear. Pool has some deposits, but I don't care. I'm not sure if there is a remedy for this besides replaster.

We do not use our pool. We are empty nesters and if I want to swim, I'll use the gym. But I need to keep the pool up. I thought about removing the pool, but the cost is $20K to $30K to do so. And the house is worth more with it.

I thought about selling and re-buying a house without a pool, but uncle sam wants a big chunk of the sales price in capital gains so I'd be basically be ending up with a worse house/neighborhood.

My question is, what is the chlorine of choice now that prices have doubled?

Thank You