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Thread: Cal-Hypo impact on PH

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    Default Cal-Hypo impact on PH

    Hi I am using Cal Hypo and seeing rise in PH (from 7.5 to about 8). I know Cal Hypo has a PH of 10.8-11 and i know i can bring down ph using muriatic act. What am interested in is better understanding the exact calculation/formula/relationship of how much of a PH rise associated with using 1lbs or 2lbs of 65% or 73% Cal-Hypo?.
    I have a 38,000 gallon vin IG pool . TA is about 120.
    My other numbers are FC = 5, CH =200, CYA = 45 If that matters.
    Thank you in advance!

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    Default Re: Cal-Hypo impact on PH

    Replying to my own question. After some experimentation it appears 7-8 oz of 31.45% 20 baume muriatic acid is required to completely offset the PH rise associated with adding 1 lb of 68% Cal Hypo to my 38000 gallon pool. So if i add 3 lbs of Cal Hypo need to add 21-24 oz of muriatic acid to stay PH neutral (at TA = 100). Can anyone else confirm these findings ? Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Cal-Hypo impact on PH

    CYA 45 Cal 300 TA110 Cal-Hypo 68%

    To shock my 25,000 gallon pool I am using 4 lbs of Cal Hypo and I have to add 24 oz of muriactic acid. The 4#s cal .hypo raises my ph 0.8 ie 7.4 to 8.2
    2006 26k, gunite, heart shaped, Variable speed 1.5 hp pump, Hayward sand filter, BBB, K-2006, occ. trichlor, poly 60

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