Hi all, I've been dealing with a cloudy pool since I opened it last week. Usually with brushing, running the pool cleaner, getting the chemistry up to normal and checking it often, I get clear water in 4-7 days. I'm not getting much debris in my pool cleaner and the backwash doesn't seem to ever get very dirty. Adding to my confusion is the pressure on my system doesn't seem to change. I tried adding some DE through the skimmer. I got about a 1-2 lb increase in pressure, but it went back to normal after my next backwash. My last observation is my PH has not changed from 7.2-7.4 since I got it down from the initial 8.0+

My numbers right now are
FC 20.0
CC 0.5
PH 7.3
TA 125
CH 200
CYA 50

I'm at a loss. I'm hoping I'm missing something obvious