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Thread: Polaris 380 does not run correctly

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    Default Polaris 380 does not run correctly

    Polaris 380 does not run correctly

    With the booster pump on and (backup valve & Polaris disconnected from hose), I get low water pressure from Polaris hose. Equal to if you just turned on your outdoor water hose to low.

    Should I higher water pressure than this?

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    Default Re: Polaris 380 does not run correctly

    I haven't used my Polaris for a few years because I switched to a non-pump driven cleaner. Having said that, When I was using it, I always would watch the action of the tail. If it wasn't sweeping back and forth frequently, I knew something was up. Once in a while, that something was some debris that would get through the filters into the pump. The good news is that's the least likely. Most of the time though, it was a hose connection that came loose. Check those first. That includes the connections inside of it.
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