I purchased a Jacuzzi JCQ 420 pool filter and have found that the filter cartridges keep failing. I would like to purchase replacement cartridges that are better quality than the overpriced Leslies brand that keep failing. I have been unable to cross reference any of the numbers that are on the cartridges. They appear to all be Leslies numbers. The Numbers that I have are M201614 Located on the filter. 78079, and PLESL 105 located on the end of the filter. My filters measure 26 3/4 tall, 6 3/4 diameter, 3 inch hole. When I look at other sources (Amazon for one) I don't see anything that matches my measurements. Closest being 26x7x3. My questions are, should I be concerned about the dimensions or am I overly cautious? Has anyone else gone through this and what did you find that worked for you?
Thank you for your help it is appreciated. Dave