Hello ! ok , so I built up the CYA to respectable 20-30ppm and threw in 3.5 gallons of liquid chlorine from my pool store. Put in 3 floating stabilized pucks ...barely a chlorine level...waited a bit 3 more gallons , still nothing
went to work on PH...over 2 weeks I added 10lbs of baking soda and PH has moved from 6.9 to 7.1 (still low)

FC 0.09
TC 0.46
CC 0.37
PH 7.1
Hardness 213
Alk 113
CYA 35
copper 0
iron 0
phosphate 815 (high)

added 2 cups of Soda Ash & after 4 hours added 2 gallons liquid chlorine ...pump running all day , pool cover open...

Do I just need to keep hammering pool with Soda Ash & Chlorine....seems like the CL/PH is being stubborn & super high demand! Just tested & looks like 0 Chlorine...