Hi! I am dealing with an algae problem and I just want to confirm what I think I need to do to solve (based in my reading). I am feeling overwhelmed with all the info I have been soaking in and just want to make sure I am processing correctly.

I believe I have mustard algae which is chlorine resistant. So, I am guessing I need to raise my shock levels and maintain them to get rid of this. Here are my current numbers:

pH: 7.8
CYA: 30
FC: 14
CC: 0

Is raising and maintaining FC to 20 sufficient. But, for how long? Do I need to vacuum to waste when sediment appears in bottom of pool?

I have a pic, but not sure how to include it (don't have a URL for it).

I have also reviewed PoolDoc's spreadsheet on Mustard Algae. Is the Boric Acid option a better option than the chlorine option? Please help.

Thanks in advance,