We moved into a new house this week that has a 24' round above ground pool that has been buried. The current system is a sand filter with a 3/4 HP one speed pump. It sits on the ground and the intake and outflow hoses are buried. The house has been empty for 2 years and the winter cover is on so I have no idea what awaits us. We owned a house across the street 5 years ago (where we put in a pool and used this site religiously--thank you!) so I know at that time the system worked.

Just a quick inspection of the system (without attempting to run it), I can see the fitting from the sand filter to the pool is cracked and the pressure gauge is busted.

I had no issues running a sand filter system at the old house, but wonder about a DE system. What size filter and pump are recommended for a 24' round above ground pool? I read the lengthy post about maintaining a DE system which was helpful! We are teachers and have summers off but also take a vacation in the summer (this year for 4 weeks) and wonder if that's a factor in attempting to maintain water clarity while gone.