I've coated my pool twice with epoxy paint. Each time, it lasts 3 good years +2 getting progressively more ugly. I am considering tiling it; debating hiring it out, which I would have to finance. I do a lot of DIY and hoping for advice on whether to attempt this project.

Here's my tentative plan:
  • Drain and powerwash the pool.
  • Chip off the waterline tile, possibly with power chipper - no experience with one.
  • Sandblast the epoxy down to the plaster - no sandblast experience; will this get the epoxy off?
  • Patch the plaster divots with latex-fortified mortar - this I have done.
  • Apply a cement sealant to the patched plaster - advice on what to use? I have no leaks currently, but seems to be a precautionary step to keep it that way.
  • Put up new waterline tile with quick-setting, submersible-rated thinset or adhesive. Again, advice on a product? I have DIY tiling experience, but not on vertical surfaces.
  • Tile the walls with 12x12" mesh-backed tile sets, using same thinset or adhesive used on waterline tile. Pointers to a best-process for this would be appreciated.
  • Tile the floor. This video makes sense to me on how to lay the floor, and match it to the lowest line of the wall tiles; also like his mortaring tool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9s0kutKZ32g
  • Grout.

Am I being naive that my pal and I can do this well without paying a pro?