Looking for info about flexible corrugated hoses that connect skimmer / pump / eye. I need about 7ft. to connect and they seem to come in 6 or 9ft. so I use 9 ft. and coil the excess in about an 18-inch circle. The original hoses were silver plastic. After about 4 seasons, one cracked and I replaced both with a thicker black version. Because they are thicker, they are also harder to coil. Well, a few days ago I came home to the pool almost emptied to the eyelet and a flooded yard! One hose had a half-inch crack just beyond the filter return where the pressure is highest. The spot where the crack happened was a coil, so Im sure that contributed. I replaced both with the first type the silver plastic. I feel these thinner hoses are better because they coil with less strain on them. Each type failed after about 4 seasons so I will now replace after 3 seasons. P.S. I once tried to build my own PVC piping but found it more trouble any pressure on the pipes cracked the threaded connections on the pool components. Thoughts? Thanks in advance!