The pool at the house I am renting appears to be configured for fiber optic lighting. There are three lights in-pool and two strands of perimeter lighting for a total of 5 strands coming into a coupling that is faded and has been left out to the elements. There is also electrical power and what is obviously a mount for a former fiber-optic driver. There's also a former large central A/C light enclosure that is abandoned and wiring doesn't appear to be connected.

I'd love to get these lights working again, but all of the wiring/cabling is under a thick slab of concrete that has obviously had channels cut in it to run the fiber-optic retrofit and been re-poured. I'm also not so sure I want to buy a $600 fiber-optic driver for a house I don't own, although so far that's looking like the cheapest option.

I'd appreciate any advice or direction to any comprehensive guidance for how people handle fiber-optic setup retrofits or repairs.