Dig 220 SWCG and Force Reverse: Polarity Matters

I have a Pool Pilot Dig 220 with an SC-48 on a 16x32 above ground thatís 15 plus years old. SWCG was installed on 4th season, liner tore on 10th season and pool sat empty for 3 years. Been up and running now for 2 seasons with new liner.

After reading many posts here, I now know I've treated my cell horribly: Boost was my friend, overuse at start-up, and I never de-scaled it.

Just recently, I've been getting the flashing red light with "Low Amps" warning.

Amp-Hours 36167
Voltage 28
Amps 3.3
Salt 3260

Of interest is that if I perform a "Force Reverse" on the current to the SC-48, Voltage is still 28, but Amps go to 5.7. "Force Reverse" again, Voltage maintains at 28, and Amps return to 3.5.

This behavior is repeatable.

I do have a spare SC-48 cell, but figure that I can squeeze a little more life out of my existing cell by upping the "Reverse Time" to 18 hours. When the SWCG auto reverses polarity and I get the flashy red light, I'll Force Reverse to the "good" polarity, until I start getting the Low Amps warning at any polarity.