Currently light white foam on top, can see down 8 to 10 inches clearly, beyound that lightly cloudy, whiteish.

Using a salt water chlorinator. My start up very late. Had trouble finding bleach. "No Splash" it said, I thought that was a spout design which I have seen in the past. Nope. Long story short slow down and read (although it does not say what is in it that raises the viscosity).

Test wise was looking good although salt was low. Delibrately raised the ph lowered the alk. Am expecting to add muratic this evening (my guess). These are my results from the store machine.
13,600 gal
FC .23
TC 0.9
CC 0.67
PH 8.6
T Alk 98
Adjusted 77
CH 66
CYA 62
Copper 0
Iron 0
Total disolved solids 3330
Salt 3390
Saturation Index .6

Am I headed in the right direction? Suggestions??

As always thanks, you all are an invaluable resource keeping my pool running.