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Thread: New user

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    New pool operator

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    Caution: A lot of the advice on the forum is unavoidably US-centric. Equipment, and particularly, test equipment recommended here may not be available in Canada.


    The forum is currently only minimally active. Your best bet, if you still need info is to use the Super Search page, to create special search links will allow you to search PoolForum. A phrase like "[]" may produce answers you're looking for.

    Upgraded membership and moved thread to the General section. You may need to log out and back in to see everything.

    PS.You can search use Google to search multiple pool sites, using Google's 'advanced search operators" to limit your search to specific sites. This page of mine will create the search links for you. Google knows my site -- and all the others -- much better than those sites internal search functions! And, if you need to post pictures -- of your pool, filter, pump, piping, what-not -- there are instructions on this page

    Please note: the Super Search page does NOT search directly; it only CREATES special Google links, that enable a FOCUSED Google search!

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