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Thread: Plaza pool plumbing

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    Default Plaza pool plumbing

    Live south of St. Louis. Pool put in 9 years ago. It never required the lines being blown or antifreeze because of the way Jerry did the plumbing. He passed away. anyone out there know how that might have been done? I know there is a line that has to be sealed at opening. Sealed now. Water is drained below skimmers. Pool equipment at lower height than pool. Thank you

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    Default Re: Plaza pool plumbing

    Your only chance of finding out the specifics of how your pool was built is to ask locally, not here.

    If you know anything about the builder, you might try calling SCP (pool wholesaler) in St Louis:
    Address: 11540 Adie Rd, St. Louis, MO 63146
    Phone: (314) 993-0077
    and see if they can help you find someone who worked on your pool.

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