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Thread: Pool Robot with long cord

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    Default Pool Robot with long cord

    IGNORE THIS POST. I see my wife already asked same question and was told to go to the other forum.

    I have a 22x44 gunite salt pool gets from 3.5' to 8' deep with an addition 12x13 shelf 15-18" of water. I'm having issues with the polaris as every year I keep replacing parts and it won't clean my shelf and always gets tangled no matter how often I repair it, I even brought it in for repairs and basically rebuilt it (seems newer parts don't last and lose flexibility more than old and confirmed at pool store that he sees more in for repairs). It was completely rehauled this summer and already back to tieing itself into a knot although all the cords are less than 3 months old and yes I can hang it in the sun for 48 hours and it works again but, lucky if I get a week out of it before it's back in knots. I've actually had to hand clean it more often.
    So now we want to purchase a robotic cleaner.
    Issue- my electric source is 8' from the water. If my calculations are correct I need a 70-80' swivel cord and I can't find a cleaner that has that long.

    So I want a robot that will climb walls, do the stairs, scrub, microfilter, has a longer cord and will get that shelf cleaned. Would be nice to have an app to control it too. and of course efficient Other notes, my son is in sun all day long, we have a lot of sand, and only small leaves normally although after a storm we get some leaves.
    Basically a miracle....

    Can anyone tell me a pool cleaner that has specs closest to my needs? If my math is correct on the cord length I need?

    Thanks everyone.

    I need to get this shut down and pool needs a good scrubbing.... I have a bad back and hand and hired someone and they don't seem to be doing it very well.
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    Default Re: Pool Robot with long cord

    Have you looked at the Polaris 9650iQ? It has a 70’ swivel cord and WiFi. Mine has worked very well the last 2 year.

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