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Thread: Hello to the PoolForum :)

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    Default Hello to the PoolForum :)

    Hello, my name's John and I got interested in more effective pool care around 3 years ago. I bumped into well documented and scientifically supported information both here and at troublefreepool, which entirely changed (for the better) my experience with swimming pools. I'm retired and live in Sydney, Australia. I care for three family pools, sometimes four, sometimes five, and I find it all very interesting. I have the best unpaid job I can think of!

    I have 5 kids and 8 grandkids, so the pools get well used. My career was mostly horticulture, but all farming of one sort or another. I enjoy a bit of DIY and getting out for a hit at the golf club.

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    Default Re: Hello to the PoolForum :)

    Welcome . . .

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