I have a gunite 22 x 44 pool with a 18" 12x12 shelf. It is salt but I don't think that matters. We have the return and we do have power available in the area. I currently have a polaris 280 and I have replaced practically everything on it and seems it's on it's last legs now.

My big issue with the Polaris is the chord length is too short for my pool and no matter how often we buy longer and follow the instructions, it inevitable ends up strangling itself constantly. It also can not reach corners well and does not get up on the pool shelf at all.

Now we are looking for a new pool cleaner. Other notes, we get lots of sand in our pool (concrete break down from deck, anyone have suggestions to stop deterioration?).

What is best pool cleaner with a decent warranty that can get even my shelf cleaned ?

Appreciate all the great advice I get here. Thank you.