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Thread: Recommendations for Sand Filter needed.

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    Default Recommendations for Sand Filter needed.

    I have a hairline crack in my 17 year old Jacuzzi Laser Sand filter L250 (Tank size is 25" and holds 350lbs of sand)
    I am looking for a comparable filter for a reasonable price.

    My neighbor has a similar size pool with a Heyward S224T (24" Tank 300lbs Sand)

    One Pool store told me to buy a Pentair SD60 and another one told me Pentair SD80
    I found a Heyward Pro series 27" (S270T) on Amazon for a great price of $257 which is about $170 cheaper than most places I found but it ships from China.

    Any recommendations on filter size? is a 24" too small?
    Any recommendations of Filter brand?
    Are all Heyward Sand filters made in China?
    Are Pentair Sand Filters made in China?

    The pool is:
    18'x36' rectangle
    6' deep end
    Approximately 22,000 gallons
    2 wall returns
    2 step returns
    2 skimmers
    1 main drain
    1.5 hp pump
    Aqua rite Salt system

    The farthest return is 88' from the equipment
    and the farthest skimmer is 58' from the equipment


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    Default Re: Recommendations for Sand Filter needed.

    I'll reply in more detail later.

    BUT . . . I would be very, very wary of an Hayward 270T selling for $200 off the Amazon direct price. Amazon makes some effort to keep out counterfeit parts, but is only somewhat effective. If Hayward is manufacturing in China, it's more than possible that what's being sold on Amazon are quality-control rejects, NOT approved for sale by Hayward.

    You might want to call Hayward and ask. https://www.hayward-pool.com/shop/en...ontact-us-main

    Regarding filter sizing: what size piping do you have? Are all the returns supplied by a SINGLE line? Are all the skimmers serviced by a SINGLE line? Is the main drain serviced by the SAME line as the skimmers? Is the suction piping laid out as a 'train-wreck'? (http://www.poolforum.com/pf2/showthread.php/14444 )

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