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Thread: What does it cost to operate a 4,800 gallon Coleman for the summer?

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    Default What does it cost to operate a 4,800 gallon Coleman for the summer?

    No way does the pool Im thinking of buying cost so much per month!

    Anyone have any idea of the cost to run and maintain monthly
    • Coleman Power Steel 16' x 48" Frame Swimming Pool Set with Filter Pump, Ladder, Cover and Maintenance Kit:
    • Measures 16' in diameter and 48" deep
    • This pool features a 1500 gallon per hour filter pump (110-120V) to keep the water sparkling fresh
    • Compatible with Filter Type cartridges (Bestway Item #58012)
    • This pool also includes the Flowclear Maintenance Kit with vacuum, pole and skimmer
    • Contents include: one steel frame pool, #90401US filter pump (110-120V approximate, 1500 gal pump water flow rate, 1050 gal integrated pool system water flow rate), #90393 ladder, #90375 pool cover, #90315 ground cloth, #58098 maintenance kit, compatible with cartridge 58012 () 110-120V

    Thanks for any help
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    Default Re: What does it cost to operate a 4,800 gallon Coleman for the summer?

    I'm working on some standardized calculations for that question.

    For your pool, it works out roughly like this:
    • Water: $100 (varies a LOT from location to location)
    • Electricity: $61 ($0.14/kwh - 12 hrs/day)
    • Pump Timer: $25.00
    • Testkits: $85.00
    • Dichlor: $65.00
    • Bleach: $60.00
    • Borax + Acid: $20

    1st Yr Total: $316.00
    2nd year will be reduced somewhat, but you'll need to buy some kit refills and some filter cartridges.

    Lots of cautions here:
    • A single episode of algae can DOUBLE chemical costs
    • Usage assumes BBB method (as taught here)
    • Pool store methods can TRIPLE chem costs!
    • Testkits and timer should last multiple years.
    • Dichlor will last at least 2 years (Sams Club 24# box)
    • Bleach assumes Walmart in your area is carrying FRESH Pool Bleach
    • Water costs may be less; electricity may be more.

    If you are interested, I'll post a recipe with links.

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