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Thread: New to the world of pools!

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    Default New to the world of pools!

    Hi folks. Just had an inground pool and spa installed down here in southern Georgia. Relocated here from Alaska recently. This will be my first full summer in years. Iíve recently retired (early) and have been in Alaska where Iíve worked as a chef for the oil/gas industry.

    My pool is 16 by 30 free form cement with attached 8 person spa. I donít even know 8 people here. Not yet anyway. I inherited the house from my dads estate a few months ago and sits on the 18th at a golf course. He passed away last October. Pretty quiet neighborhood and I think thereís maybe 2 pools. Did a total remodel of the house and landscaping. Just contracted for a 1800 sq. foot enclosure to be built. Big climate change to say the least. I hear summers are brutal here.

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    Default Re: New to the world of pools!

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    Georgia's hot in summer, no doubt.


    1. Get a K2006 test kit (link in my signature) and learn to use it.
    2. If you have a local contractor who can clean and start-up the pool, and can afford it, pay to get it started. Watch them when they do it.
    3. Do NOT drain the pool yourself, unless you are SURE the ground is dry enough. Pools in low areas can literally float out of wet ground. It happens a lot, and it is mess that keeps on causing pain for a long time after!
    4. Keep the chemistry SIMPLE: focus on chlorine, pH, and CYA (stabilizer levels) and NOTHING else, unless you are filling with well water. Do NOT worry about alkalinity or calcium for now.
    5. Avoid pool store additives. If you don't have well water, and do have a well-functioning filter, you do NOT need: stain control agents, clarifiers, flocculants, sequestrants, algaecides and the like.
    6. Buy UN-blended chemicals: PLAIN bleach, or cal hypo, or trichlor or dichlor. Raise your pH with washing soda (soda ash) or borax (NOT "Boraxo" detergent!) from Walmart. Lower your pH with PLAIN 31% / 20 degree muriatic from Lowe's or Home Depot. Start off chlorinating with dichlor from Sams Club, which is quick dissolving and is about 50% chlorine and 50% stabilizer; use it till your stabilizer level is above 30 ppm.

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