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Thread: Acronyms Are My Favorite

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    Default Acronyms Are My Favorite

    Hello, Pool People! I am so excited to have found this forum! Yes, I'm exited about learning how to maintain my new AGP which I will be setting up Memorial Day weekend, but I'm most excited about the fact that you demand proper grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, etc. Basically just respect for the language we speak. Woot! Yes, I read all the rules. All of them. I must warn you, though, that I do still double space after a period and always will. Who decided to do away with that, anyway?!

    I am the brand new owner of an Intex 15 48 ultra frame pool, and I upgraded the pump and filter system to the Intex sand filter/salt water combo. I live in northern Utah.

    One of the main reasons I bought the pool is because I have a preteen son with Asperger's who loves video games more than anything, and I am determined to get him outside this summer. He's super excited about it (in a classic autistic little-emotion sort of way), but his first response to me when I told him about the pool was, "Um, Mom. Can we please have a pool with clear water?" I, being the great mother that I am, told him, "Of course! No problem!" Then I frantically started searching to learn how to achieve that. (Seriously. My brain hurts from all the new info I've crammed in there. I have a whole new vocabulary of acronyms now. CYA no longer means "See ya later." CC is no longer "carbon copy" on an email. You get the idea.) So here I am. I look forward to learning from the experts so that I can fulfill his dream of having clear pool water. He also dreams of having a Lamborghini Veneno, but that's another story for another forum.

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    Default Re: Acronyms Are My Favorite

    Upgraded membership; moved thread.

    FWIW, I'm not NT, but am 'on the spectrum', nearer AS than some other DSM IV categories . . . and find the 'social' aspects of my own forum burdensome.

    Start with the SSR (Super Simple Recipe) linked in my signature. Consider getting a K2006 (also linked) and testing BOTH your pool AND your fill water.

    (Did that satisfy your desire for acronyms?)

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