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Thread: Fiberglass Pool Question

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    Default Fiberglass Pool Question

    Greetings from South Texas!

    Had a fiberglass pool installed less than a year ago and I am very happy with the results. Water chemistry is on point as well. The issue that I am having is that after the concrete and grout fully cured, I noticed some white streaks that appear to have leached from the grout onto the side of the pool in various locations.

    Any idea as to how I can safely remove the unsightly stains?

    Thank you in advance for any advice.


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    Default Re: Fiberglass Pool Question

    Upgraded your membership.

    You are welcome to read the stain-removal guides here. Obviously, I have some ideas about how SOMEONE can "safely remove the unsightly stains". Unfortunately, about a decade of experience suggests that while I can remove stains using those methods, you can not, if you are like about 99% of the other users at PoolForum.

    Worse, fiberglass stains are something of a special case.

    If you want useful help, you'll need to do all of the following:
    • Get a K2006 testkit (or the TFP copy of my old PS235)
    • Test BOTH your pool water AND your fill water.
    • Take good photos of the stains and post them to Google Photos or some other service you can link to.
    • Post ALL the info -- pool photos AND test results -- here and to TroubleFreePools

    Look for responses that start, "I had stains like that, and I did X". (That's why good photos are so important!) You can probably ignore all the other responses and especially those that begin "If you do Y, it might work . . ."

    BUT, the reason most stain removal fails is that removing them is one thing; managing the problems that CAUSED them is something else. Lots of people succeed in removing them briefly.

    Good luck!

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