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Thread: Replacing liner Bromine pool

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    Default Replacing liner Bromine pool

    I am planning on replacing my vinyl liner after 14 years, which obviously means replacing my water. I have had a Bromine pool since the start and have not had any major issues with chemistry. I have been using the BBB method for more than 12 years and have had great success . I would like opinons recommendations if I switch to a chlorine pool, do I go the route of a standard chlorine set up, Salt generator, Clear Comfort , or stay with Bromine?

    19,000 gal, vinyl liner, Sta-Rite Cartridge filter, in line feeder, heat pump(titanium heat exchanger)
    The pool gets full sun from about 9:30am to sundown. Not many leaves or debris gets into the pool.
    I always run my filter at night for approx 10hrs.

    Thanks ahead for any suggestions.

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    Default Re: Replacing liner Bromine pool

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    Use bromine if you like, but the only advantage it has is that you already know how.

    Chlorine is cheaper, more effective, and more available. Also, keep in mind that you can ALWAYS switch from chlorine to bromine, but that you can NEVER switch from bromine to chlorine without draining, once you've used the bromine tabs or sticks (with "-dimethyl-hydantoin").

    . . . I'm assuming that you know that draining a vinyl pool can be 'hazardous' to the pool structure, if the surrounding ground is saturated?

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