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Thread: Pool Dad needs help

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    Default Pool Dad needs help

    Hi guys and gals,

    I have an 18x33 pool that is hard plumbed with 1.5" pipe and I have a 1.5 HP superpump with a cartridge filter. Last summer my salt system and sand filter capped the bed. The sand filter needs the fingers replaced, so that is not a big deal. The SWG though.. what a mess. I got a Aqua Trol from CL and got a few years out of it, but i believe the control board is bad because I took the cell to Leslies Pool shop and they tested it and it was good. So I am looking to replace the entire thing. Now, I am torn between the Hayward SAS, Aqua Trol and Aqua Rite with the 25k cell. I run the pool from late May to September, about 4 months total. I will be in my house for 9 more summers, so which one should I go with?



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    Default Re: Pool Dad needs help

    Don't understand your post -- you seem to have both a cartridge and sand filter?

    Regarding SWCG -- Salt Water CHLORINE Genertors -- they do NOT generate "salt"!) units, few last longer than three years without major service. Pentair units do well to last two years. From an economics point of view, they are a poor purchase.

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