Upon trying to startup my pool this year, I found my pump was seized up. It was leaking a bit at the shaft seal for a bit so I guess it finally corroded enough to lock it up. Tried for a bit to break it free but it seems to be a lost cause for now. The pump is a PE71-II-V "1.5 HP SPL", sold as a Proline.

My father in law had a Hayward Power-Flo Matrix pump laying around, Model SP1515-Z-1-ESC. I haven't hooked it up yet and wanted to find out if these are similar in flow/power and compatible with my filter before doing so.

My Pool is a 24'/52" round above ground. My filter is a "Waterway ClearWater" 22" sand filter.. Specs listed on the label are:

Max Flow Rate (GPM) - 55
Max Working Pressure - 35
Sand Weight - 150
SqFt Surface Area - 2.64

Im thinking that this pump is a true 1.5HP setup where my broken pump is a 1.5 special, so might be too much for my filter? I believe a 1.5 HP Special is closer to 3/4 HP.. so I dont want to have issues with pushing too much water through my filter.

Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks!