Does anyone use or reply to these forums anymore?

I have been trying to clear my green 25,000 gallon non-salt water pool for 7 days (sand filter), and it barely looks any different. My most recent water sample readings *before backwashing* are:

FC 6.57
TC 6.57
CC 0
PH 7.7
ALK 78
CA 74
NO copper, iron, nitrates, mang
TDC 1100
Phos 200 (4 days ago this was 0)

Per the instructions from a local pool supply store, I have been adding 5 lbs of liquid chlorine daily for 4 days in a row, pumping 24-7, backwashing once daily, brushing 2-3 times a day. I was also instructed to add mustard algae treatment 4 days ago. These readings are from yesterday, and I have since been instructed to add 32 oz bottle of algae-break 90, brush well, and add 5 gallons of liquid chlorine daily until clear. The pool is still green after over 24h. Today, (against their advice) I added 12 oz of pH reducer and doubled the liquid chlorine. It matches the color of my grass, and I can only see the top 2.5 steps. The staff was so nice and seemed genuinely interested in helping, but Iím between jobs and this is my first pool, and Iím now hesitant to go back and spend more $$. 🙁