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Thread: Adding a SWCG and need help

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    Default Adding a SWCG and need help

    I've been doing the BBB method very successfully for years and would like to add a SWCG for convenience. I would appreciate any equipment recommendations. (I tried to access the link on the other thread about equipment comparisons but couldn't and it is pretty old so i'm sure things have changed)
    I would also like to know what additional testing products I will need. I'm assuming I need a TAYLOR K-1766 DROP TEST. Do I need a salt meter or is there an alternative?

    Any info and input would be great. I have tried to read through all the threads but if there is any you can recommend that I should pay more attention to let me know.

    In ground, outdoor, vinyl liner, 22,000 gallons w/Aqua Genie skimmer installed in 2008, 1 HP Hayward 2-speed Super Pump and Hayward pro series high rate S244T both installed 2016

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    Default Re: Adding a SWCG and need help

    I've had an Aqua Rite SWCG since 2004 and have been very satisfied with it.

    Make sure you get a unit with a cell rated at least twice the gallons of your pool.

    That Taylor salt test kit is generally the one that's recommended. Personally, I've found the AquaChek salt test strips to be accurate enough.

    Also, to maximize cell life, the SWCG should only be used to maintain proper FC level. If you need to boost FC for any reason, use bleach or liquid chlorine to do so.
    22'x40' Grecian Lazy L 20K gal IG vinyl pool; Aqua Rite SWCG T15 cell; Hayward Pro Grid 6020 DE filter; Hayward Superpump 1hp pump; 12 hrs; Taylor K-2006; city; PF:6

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    Default Re: Adding a SWCG and need help

    You might want to consider pH doser with the SWCG to counter the likely upward drift of the pH (depending on your TA level as well)
    How about the pool pilot nano?

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    Default Re: Adding a SWCG and need help

    I have the SGS Breeze 540 system on my pool and have not had any issues in 7 years. 2 things i like about it over the previous unit are the clear cell tube allows you to see when the cell gets dirty (and see if it is not producing chlorine) and the cell can be cleaned using a wood paint stir stick. No acid. I feel the acid approach to cleaning them degrades the cells life.
    14'x31' kidney 21K gal IG plaster pool; SWCG (Saline Generating System's SGS Breeze); Pentair FNS Plus 48 DE DE filter; Whisperflow 1 HP pump; 8 hours hrs; kit purchased from Ben; utility water; summer: none; winter: none; PF:5.7

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