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Thread: IG Pool Rebuild Questions ?

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    Default IG Pool Rebuild Questions ?

    Hello Everyone -

    I'm finally preparing to locate a contractor to repair my IG pool - I've been keeping it going over the past few years but it's in desperate need of repair. I have patches all over the pool, stainless steel screws holding up a sagging liner in some places, fiber glass patch on the steps, etc.... My plan is to line up a contractor for this fall. Here is what I think I need done:

    Pressure Test All Lines
    Replace Vinyl Liner: 18 x 36 All Deep T shaped Pool with 12 x 18 Shallow End 27/28 mil liner
    Replace Vinyl Steps - Any suggestions ? I have kids, I want durable. Would like recommendations on this ?
    Replace Loop Lock Cover:
    Replace Light
    Coping Around Entire Pools needs to be replaced.
    Plumbing - I need to reverse the location of the filer as it's up against a fence with absolutely no clearance - I'll probably deal with this myself.

    I have also had a persistent mustard algae problem that I want to make certain is gone after this work is complete. I may get a new filter or at least replace or acid clean the grids. Should the skimmers go too ? I want make certain I think of everything before I start requesting quotes. Also - If anyone can recommend someone that does quality work on Long Island, that would be very much appreciated. Thank you!

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    Default Re: IG Pool Rebuild Questions ?

    I'm not local to you so can't help with builder recommendation. Re: changes you could make now to mitigate algae problems. You'd want to be sure the pool has adequate circulation, consider perhaps an extra return or two if you have dead spots. Regardless of the question, a larger filter is almost always the right answer. But I imagine DE and sand filters are just as expensive as the cartridge I have. So, if you don't need to....

    If your plumbing is old and undersized, estimate what it would take to go 2" or 2.5". I don't have a strong opinion about the skimmers - I know algae loves to hide in skimmers but the ultimate solution is probably to go with a high-chlorine maintenance regimen... forever.

    No SWG? Then probably experiment with 15% FC - free chlorine as a percentage of CYA cyanuric acid. Mustard algae is a strange organism. I had some attack the pool last summer after being algae-free for more than 10 years. No one has yet convinced me that it doesn't feed on plastics, vinyl ... (and possibly small children (!))

    But the reason pools develop algae in the first place is just too simple: neglect. That was my mistake. So after you've spent the big bucks, schedule 1o minutes of your time each morning, perform a poolside test for FC and always have some sodium hypochlorite at the ready to keep the pool's FC at 10-15% of CYA. Then the mustard may go hide somewhere ... you don't care as long as it doesn't come back. Best of luck!
    16'x29' free-form 14K gal IG gunite pool; SWCG & sodium hypochlorite 8.25%; Hayward SwimClear C4025 cartridge filter; Hayward SP3202VSP TriStar Variable Speed Pool Pump; custom test kit based on Taylor K-2006C; city; PF:8.6

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    Default Re: IG Pool Rebuild Questions ?

    Thanks for the reply - there is no doubt the pool and the equipment were neglected. The previous owners did not open the pool for about 2 or 3 years prior to me purchasing the house. I have kept it going with heavy chlorine, lots of vinyl & fiberglass patches, and a TON of maintenance... Despite the issues, the pool has been great and it's time to invest the money to make it right again.

    If anyone has comments on the most durable types of steps & liner - I would definitely appreciate it.

    Another question - Since I'm replacing the coping, can i have the vinyl liner tucked underneath the coping like it was done during the original installation - which was probably in the 80's?

    Thank you

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