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Thread: Some People are Nuts :)

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    Default Some People are Nuts :)

    Had friends in town from Estes Park Co for the spring training games. What is the first thing they do when they show up?

    Go jump in the pool. While we have had some mid 90* days for a week or so before and I have no clue what the water temp is I know one thing. It's too cold for me to get in.

    I guess when you are snowed in for months at a time the Az weather in spring will make you do crazy things.
    14'x31' kidney 21K gal IG plaster pool; SWCG (Saline Generating System's SGS Breeze); Pentair FNS Plus 48 DE DE filter; Whisperflow 1 HP pump; 8 hours hrs; kit purchased from Ben; utility water; summer: none; winter: none; PF:5.7

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    Default Re: Some People are Nuts :)

    I'm ready!!! Let's swim! Jealous of your air temps. And, uh, get a pool thermometer, btw.
    26K gal 20x40 rectangular IG vinyl pool; Apr 2014: New pump, liner, auto-cover, & water; Pentair Whisperflo 1HP pump; Pentair Trition sand filter; Cover/Star CS-500 auto cover; Taylor K-2006C; OTO

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    Default Re: Some People are Nuts :)

    When we were kids (say, under 12) we could—and would—swim in any temperature water.

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