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Thread: Winter Cover Fabric Issue

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    Default Winter Cover Fabric Issue

    After just two winters, my cover is tearing like paper! It is a "triple laminated polyethylene double-stitched" but it is ripping at the slightest tug!!! Definitely need to replace it, but looking for suggestions to avoid recurrence in a few years. One theory - I used it for a week's vacation in July. Could a week in the summer sun make that fabric so brittle? Looking ahead, I intend to use my cover for winter AND for 7-10 day summer vacations. Is there a brand / type you can recommend for this? NOTE: I am not open to leaving it uncovered for winter or during summer vacations. Thanks in advance for any feedback!
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    Default Re: Winter Cover Fabric Issue

    Did you figure out what to do? I can't imagine a week in the summer causing that, but I don't know much about covers.
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    Default Re: Winter Cover Fabric Issue

    Deffo wouldn't go near that cover again. Mine is 13 years old this winter. it goes on the pool in September, comes off the pool end of May. It's made from tough polyester and vinyl (UV stable)

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