As mentioned in my last post, I had an undetected small hole in my liner, about 20 inches from the bottom. Pool water seeped thru and rusted a spot on the interior pool wall that eventually broke thru and spewed water out. I placed a vinyl patch on the liner and JB weld on the outer wall to stop the leak. My concern is how rusted the inner wall is as a result and how to repair. A bed of gravel surrounds the base of the pool, and while investigating, I exposed the pool's bottom frame and see that there are rust spots all along the bottom frame (more so below the breach, but in other places as well.) I know the only way to know for sure how bad the rust is will be to drain, remove the ledge panels, and peel back the liner to look. This is a major task that is probably beyond my ability. So my question is, has anyone had to deal with this issue before and what were your results? Since the leak is sealed, I can simply do nothing. But I will be fearful of the pool wall being weakened by rust and another possible breach later on. Thanks for any replies and suggestions!