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Thread: Green intex pool

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    Default Green intex pool

    Hi everyone,
    I have an 16ft round intex pool which has recently turned green. I have been using the 2-way HTH tester from Walmart, and after perusing the site I plan on now purchasing the Taylor 2006 kit. My current numbers according to the 2-way kit are that Chlorine level higher than 10ppm and the pH is 7.8 I have been adding chem-tek chlorine and bleach everyday and nothing seems to be helping. I was reading other posts about "slamming" the pool and I am confused about how much bleach to add and how often. Thanks in advance for all your help!
    16' x 4' Intex round pool, 6,000 gallons

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    Default Re: Green intex pool

    Until your kit comes, it's hard to tell you more. You should brush it every day and can add a half jug of bleach every day until your kit arrives.
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    Default Re: Green intex pool

    Do you have a cartridge or sand filter? Has your Taylor kit come yet? Do you know your CYA concentration? If you have the cartridge filter, take the filter out for now, turn the pump on and leave it on. If you don't know your CYA (cyanuric acid - AKA stabilizer) level, I'd get the chlorine up to about 15ppm every evening just before sundown. When the pool goes from green to cloudy blue/gray put the filter back in the pump and continue to run it until the water clears up. It will take a week or more for the cartridge filter to clean up the dead algae.

    I would recommend that you go to PoolSolutions.com and read everything there. This page is helpful for starters - http://www.poolsolutions.com/gd/best...e-chart.html#a

    Also if you haven't already, read this - http://www.poolforum.com/pf2/showthr...p-routine-care.

    64 oz of 8.25% bleach will raise free chlorine by about 7 ppm in 6000 gallons of water.

    Good Luck!!!

    Intex 15ftx4ft 4500 gal. 3/4 HP Pentair WhisperFlo pump. Hayward 21" sand filter. Taylor K-2006 & K-1106 kits. PF=27

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