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Thread: Chlorine level

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    First off, I hope you have stopped using the pucks completely. The upside is that your CYA will not increase which means you won't need steadily increasing levels of chlorine to keep the pool safe and algae-free. The downside is that you need to test your water for FC more often because the only chlorine that will get in your pool is what you add with sodium hypo-chlorite or cal-hypo. Don't use too much cal-hypo as it can eventually cloud your pool.

    In terms of FC, CC, and TC, it's just FC+CC=TC. You don't need to worry about TC. That is really just a test strip or pool store measurement. You want your CC to be no more than 0.5 because that's "used-up" FC.

    As JimK and I said, you need to raise your FC to 20-22 and KEEP it there by testing and adding sodium hypochlorite as OFTEN as you can. You keep the FC that high until you pass the overnight test. Then you can return to normal FC levels which for your CYA level would be between 8-10.
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    Agreed. My advice is to go the PoolSolutions website and read everything you can while it is still up. Plan on dedicating some time to reading and exploring what is on there, and print some things off because we might not have access to it for very long.

    The cheapest and best way to maintain your pool is with chlorine form sodium hypochlorite, which is plain old bleach. Look at the label of sodium hypochlorite from a pool store and the label of bleach from the cleaning isle, they are the same. You can get 8.25% from walmart for just under $3, and in some walmarts you can get it in the pool supplies isle at 10% for $2.5. For my vinyl pool, I use almost nothing else but occasional muriatic acid 1-2 times a summer and polyquat algaecide 2-3 times a summer, and I use dichlor granules to keep CYA in the pool, don't need to use that very much either unless I do a lot of backwashing or I have a pool party with lots of kids splashing water out! I don't use cal-hypo because vinyl pools don't need calcium and dichlor is cheaper.

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