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Thread: Does anyone use thier Aerator?

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    Default Does anyone use thier Aerator?

    Living in the Phoenix area it gets real hot and the water temp in my pool is warm to the point that I really don't even enjoy being in it for long.

    I have an aerator but never use it because it's my assumption that it will not provide a noticeable difference in the water temp but will increase evaporation.

    Any thoughts?
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    Default Re: Does anyone use thier Aerator?

    Hmmmm.....not sure injecting hot air will help much, although evaporation should help. One downside to keep in mind is aerating will drive pH up.
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    Default Re: Does anyone use thier Aerator?

    I don't know much about "aerators", but we do have a fountain feature that we will turn on to cool the water temps. It does help. Are you reluctant to refill?
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    Default Re: Does anyone use thier Aerator?

    Running a solar heater at night will also help cool down your pool if the nighttime temps get below your pool temp. Don't think aerating would change much, though someone could still have a very good reason why it would.

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    Talking Re: Does anyone use thier Aerator?

    What a nice problem to have.

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