I had my pool re-plastered last spring with krystal krete product. All went great and looks terrific. All last summer I was fighting PH, as would be expected with new plaster. Only problem was I was fighting ph all the way into the fall, probably dumping a gallon of acid a week in. I had to close and was fearful of what I would open up to in spring if PH remained ultra high through winter. So i got some advice (bad now in-retrospect), to submerge a cover pump in deep end of pool, run a hose to shallow end, periodically check PH and dump acid in and circulate for a day or so. So I did throughout winter, only to open pool to a discolored brownish ring in deep end. Pool tech guy said, that the acid never really circulated but rather laid in bottom of pool and pulled pigment out of plaster. He said that the only way to "fix" it is to make the rest of the pool look the same way by pulling the ph way down (add 6 gallons of acid to 30K gallon of pool) shut down equipment, submerge a bunch of pumps and circulate that way for a few days. My fear is will this make thing worse? right now the discoloration isn't horrible and only noticeable when cloudy. But bothers me casue I know its there. On sunny days you can't even see it. Any experience out there with this? would it fade out over time? Is it better to just live with it?

Sorry for long thread but wanted to get story out.

Thanks in Advance