Opening the pool, water was more green than ever. I netted off the heaviest from the surface, and vacuumed the dirty bottom to waste. Still very cloudy. Filtering/backwashing 24/7.

Brought the PH down to 7.3. It had risen to 8.0+ over winter. Total alk is about 160. Shocked to pool up to 10 ppm. Brushed pool walls. Filtering/bw 24/7.

Rain overnight. PH still 7.3. Chlorine 7 ppm. Cloudiness not improving. Added a little more chlorine before leaving for work. Backwash was pretty brown this morning. Filtering/bw 24/7.

Is the cloudiness *for sure* an algae problem? Am I on the right track? I'm resisting the urge to drain and refill, but the amount of chlorine and testing materials I'm consuming will equal the cost of new water pretty soon. (Cost isn't really my motive, mostly I'm just being impatient.)

Opinions please.