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Thread: Please Respond PoolForum Fans

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    I'm here but it doesn't seem like many are active helping lately. Great idea, I wish people would help more. Thanks.

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    Hey, all. I just wanted to say "Hello" and let you know that I am back. Glad to see Watermom is still here despite the forum difficulties. Since I was last active here, I was poolless for a couple of years. But I'm about to start installing an intex pool. So, I updated my signature, and I am ready for swimming season (in the pool and on the forum). As long as the forum is here (and I have a pool) I will be active and help where I can. Everything I know about pools I learned here, and I feel it's an invaluable resource.
    In case anyone is wondering why I am going to Intex (especially when my last pool was in-ground), it's a simple matter of time and money. We only plan on living in this house for 4-5 years. So the only practical option is above ground. However, even a typical above ground pool is not in the budget right now. So this should satisfy my love of pools until our next home.
    -Eric B. 16x32 rect 14,364 gal AG (Intex Ultra Frame); 14 in sand filter; 1 HP 2800 GPH pump; 8 hrs; Taylor K-2006c, utility water, debris cover
    @Best Guess chart http://pool9.net/cl-cya @K2006 http://pool9.net/testkits

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