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Thread: treating algae before closing up pool

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    Default treating algae before closing up pool

    Hey folks,

    I have a question. I have a pool - first season. It's a 15x30 semi-inground. In the past, I've been successful treating algae with just adding shock, then vacuuming out. Now that it's time to close up, I'd like to get it clean before I close up. So my question about the algae is only because this time I've neglected the algae for a couple weeks now at least because swimming season was over and just too busy to fix. So before I go out and spend alot of money on algae I wanted to check in to see if that would be successful considering it seems like a bigger problem. For example, I dumped a bottle in the other day, NO change at all. Usually 1 bottle does the trick. Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: treating algae before closing up pool

    I am not a mod, but I know in order to give you answers you need to post a set of readings from a good test kit, like the Taylor K2006, and you need to post what you typically put in your pool, how much, what was in the "bottle", etc. If you don't have a K2006, order one now, and while you wait get yourself a cheap OTO test kit at Walmart, test your pool and post the numbers. You will need to post you CL (chlorine), CC (combined chlorine), pH, CYA (stabilizer), and alkalinity.

    On an aside, you might not get much of a response right now as this forum is on the way out and traffic has really dropped off.

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    Default Re: treating algae before closing up pool

    Personally, I would attempt to clean it up before closing as it's guaranteed to be a mess in the spring if you don't. It would take a couple of weeks, probably, so it's up to you depending on when you want to close. If you decide to fix it, get the K-2006 ASAP. Best wishes.
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