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    I just insatlled a new 24' AG pool after not having one for a few years. When we had our last one we used BQ with out a lot of problems. Has something changed in the last 5-6 years to make a difference? Seems every one on this site likes clorine. I haven't used clorine since the early 80's while living in Houston. Then it was IG pools not AG's. I'm a little concerned with the clorine since the expierences i have with it are not the best. I need a little direction i quess. Thanks in advance for the help!! Ed.

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    If you'll read through the posts on the Baq forum, you'll see the problems that the Baq owners have, and why most of us use chlorine.

    I don't know what experiences you've had with chlorine, but I do know that it is much easier and less expensive to run a crystal clear chlorine pool than it is to run a clear, clean Baq pool.


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    i am very new to pool maintenance, just starting at the end of the summer last summer. I switched over to chlorine this year...and it has been a god send. when i moved into our new house they use baq, so i kept up with it, not even a week later i dumped 150 dollars in chemicals into it. switched over this season and haven't yet come close to that mark, still under 100 bucks and the water looks 100 times better. Also from the impression i got from the pool store people baq. isn't as good as chlorine...even though they will try to push it on you. my opinion is chlorine all the way.

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