So soon?
I realize that it's still August and if we have a nice September in the North East we may WELL be swimming till the end of September, and that you in the South already do so, but now is the time to plan so don't have to sweat for all the right equipment and steps.

Here are some stream-of-consciousness questions I'm already asking myself:
1) What is the condition of my pool cover, if I'm going to cover it?
Personally, the winter damage in the spring of 2014 meant I have to replace almost half the spring clips on my safety cover. Since I was rebuilding over this past winter, I could post-pone my cover problems. Did you know you can patch both a solid and mesh safety cover, with matching colored patches?
2) Do you need pillows to float on the water under the cover?
3) Are the water bags for those cover that need them in good repair?
4) Are the cover retainer hardware components good?
5) What is the order of steps you're going to take?
6) Do you have pre-closing shocking chems on hand? Personally, all I use is Polyquat and LC or bleach.
7) If you're lowering your pool do you have a good place to dump your water?
8) Do you have storage space allotted and CLEARED for your a) solar cover and reel; b) pump; c) cleaner(s); d) tools; e) plumbing; f) drop-in stairs; g) ladder?
9) Do you have all the closing fittings: Return and drain caps; skimmer fittings--either AquaDoor cover or Gizmo plug?
10) Will you store your filter (Cart or DE) or drain it and cover it (sand)
11) Do you have O-ring teflon lube? I lube each O-ring and put it in a small Zip-Lock bag marked which fitting it's from with a Sharpie pen.
12) Do you know how to remove, prep, and store you multiport valve and pump?
13) Do you have the right tools to install your cover?
14) Do you need to blow out lines and, if necessary, add safe anti-freeze?
15) Are you REALLY ready to quit swimming for the winter?