I've had difficulty getting my pool in the proper ph range. We tried to use the pool water from last year and the ph was so low, I gave up after adding 50 drops of the indicator drops, emptied the pool and started again. The ph has been gradually increasing and now it registers above 8.0, which is as high as my test kit shows. However, I only needed 2 drops of the indicator to get it back in the range, so I'm close. My other numbers are TA 120 and stabilizer 140. I don't know why my stabilizer is high. I just use bleach and I have used some algicide. I put a good amount of bleach in to keep it in the range because it's hot down here. Temps over 100 consistently and pool temps high 80s.
My water is crystal clear. I just am unsure how to lower the ph. Or do I even want to?
I appreciate any advise!