I have a intex 15x36 easy set pool with a krystal clear pump (633T) and a cs8110 salt system. This is the replacement for the standard pump and filter that came with the pool. I replaced it because I wanted a salt system and have more suction to clean the pool with the intex suction cleaner. However, when the hose is connected to the inlet plunger valve, going to the pump, it cyclically gyrates and blows out small bubbles at the outlet. When I disconnect from the plunger valve and put the hose directly into the pool, it works fine with good flow. It seems the size of the opening makes the difference. Now, the hose is just draped over the top and is in the pool. If I had not already filled up the pool, I contemplated cutting a larger hole to accommodate using a larger strainer which I am using now and bypassing the plunger valve (I have it turned off and is plugging the hole only) Any advice is appreciated. jim