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Thread: Domestic pool turnover rates

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    Yes Carl, I'll agree to that bad wording on my part.
    Like to know more on your system, how about re plumbing to 3 banks of 10, rather than 2 of fifteen may reduce the problem you are having when running up fast? The pressure issue is due to dynamic head pressure as the flow can't get through easily enough. On my system I get loads of flow but very little pressure (0.25 PSI). That would cause me a problem with Richard's setup as there wouldn't be enough grunt in the pump to gain much flow so I would have to up the size of my pump. but yours as you say is hugely different being closer to the ground, variable speed pump allows you to tailor to specific needs. have you any flow, pressure temp data you can pass on? What panels do you have?

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    Default Re: Domestic pool turnover rates

    I don't have the detailed data Richard has. I'm not a whiz with calculating head either. For me, investing in a pressure flow meter just isn't necessary.
    The system is a FantaSea--you can see many pictures in my re-build thread. The decking is the solar system so walking on it is comfortable as the water running through them cools the panels. The panels are only sold by LeisureLiving.com which is also poolsupplies.com.

    The system has advantages of keeping the deck cool, not requiring additional space for solar panels, hiding in plain sight so it's invisible, and always not much higher than the pump. My wife insisted that the pool and solar system could not be "ugly" and she's always been pleased with its appearance. Individual panels are easily replaced, being only 2'x4'. Remove a few screws, tip the panel up, disconnect the hoses, connect the new panel and put it in place.

    The disadvantages however are myriad. There is only one source for the panels. They are expensive to replace. They require a LOT of plumbing--hoses and clamps, all of which can leak. Leaks crop up far too easily, both at joints and in the panels. Winterization is a tedious process. I need to break each circuit into 3 sections and blow them out with a shop vac, which takes hours to complete. Spring opening is easier as I just have to re-make the junctions I disconnected.

    The original system, which FantaSea never changed, was ALL the panels were in serial, giving very poor flow, but still heating the pool. The system's return was very close to the main return--after the water had circulated 120' around it. I created a manifold to separate the northern and western panels from the southern and eastern ones, with a valve for each, and a main cutoff for both of them. I then cut in two new returns at the diagonal corner from the main return. The old solar return was converted into an overflow drain so the pool cannot be overfilled (simply ran plumbing from the old return up to the maximum water level, then down to a yard drain).

    Splitting it further would be problematic because I thought about it. I'm not sure I'd gain enough from that to justify the additional plumbing and issues.

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    Default Re: Domestic pool turnover rates

    Hi Carl, That's an epic rebuild of your pool, good job!
    I see why you wouldn't want to touch the heating system, best left well alone as it's looks quite a tasks. Glad it works so well and I had often wondered if the decking could be used, that's the first one of it's type I have seen. Now getting me thinking about using reconstituted plastic decking to do a similar thing. (project for the winter maybe?)

    If I haven't read to deeply into this, I think I understand why you feel protective towards the forum after such a great rebuild and thread why wouldn't you. Thank you for the link to Ben's other site, Great reading and I agree so much with what he wrote and practice a lot of it already without knowing of it's existence, just from being around a while and seeing what worked and what generally doesn't and the pool industry are way over time for new lesson in how to do it more effectively.

    Thanks for sharing that.

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