Ben et al:

Great website, just recently started maintaining my own pool, just like anything else in life, you tend to appreciate what you work for more than what you pay someone else $125 a month to maintain.

I subscribed, understand you will review my subscription for access to your forum, in advance, thanks.

In short, when the real estate market collapsed, I traveled from San Diego to Las Vegas to pick up some property, rented them out, one had a pool. That home is now my vacation home, and the pool guy was clearly not doing his job. I performed an acid wash and re-paint, hand-sanded, applied another coat, replaced most of the hardware, jets, etc, pool is perfect. Filled with 52 degree water, just needed some muriatic acid, conditioner and chlorine, water looks great. Solar cover is on the pool, water up to 72 degrees, almost there. We will have a couple of 95 degree days this week, looking forward to my second dip. (Couldn't resist, when it broke 65 my son and I took a 20 second dip in the pool, which seemed 20 seconds too long.)

Thanks in advance to all that post, seems the pool store is the last place to go to for advice - every question is met with a sales pitch for a chemical of some sort. Plus, I have had my water checked at three pool stores, same day, same water, all three have given me contradicting measurements. Seems the advice here is far more sound.

Again, thanks,