I had the pool up for one summer in 2013 when I bought it. I took it down and moved but didn't get it up last summer. I put it up last weekend and discovered five separate "tears/rips" and patched them as I was filling the pool. The rips are just below the sewn section on the side. It is very close to where the stitching is and I think that may be why my patches are not 100% leak free as part of the patch covers the stitching and I think that may be allowing water to seep through. If you imagine as the pool starts to turn in from the side to the bottom of the pool is where these are. I have the pool completely filled and it lost 1" last night in a 22'X52" pool. Google foo has taught me to get the Boxer 100 vinyl adhesive but I wanted to get anyone's take who has experience with repairing these types of tears in case you have any advice for me.